Tattoo machine cover bag X-bio


Μόνο 2 απομένουν σε απόθεμα

Πλαστικό κάλυμμα για το μοτεράκι (200 τεμ/κουτί)

Μόνο 2 απομένουν σε απόθεμα

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Xbio degradable Machine Covers 200 pcs.
Environmentally friendly machine covers with decomposition technology made from oxidized, biodegradable plastics. Complete degradation in nature, degradation to water and carbon dioxide after 180-360 days.

Increased strength, double tensile strength.

Covers facilitate hygiene during work.

Contents: 200 pieces

Size: 130 mm x 140 mm

Color: green

A hygiene product to avoid cross-contamination.


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