Xtreme tattoo ink have exceptionally clean delivery, meaning their viscosity allows dispersal from any standard tattoo machine to enter the skin smoothly and efficiently. As a result, tattoos done with our ink heal much quicker than other inks on the market.

Our colors are designed to provide a comprehensive range of tonal values but are also great for mixing for even further color exploration. Our ink formula doesn’t include any of the unnecessary and harmful fillers and additives found in mid-grade inks.

Our mission is simple. We do everything possible to enhance the efficiency, safety, and culture of the tattoo industry. Through the safest ingredients known to the industry, we utilize the feedback of our thousands of tattoo artists to make superior tattoo ink. With decades of experience in the design and production of tattoo inks, Xtreme makes high-quality tattoo inks that are safe for both the user and the environment. We at Xtreme Tattoo Ink believe that tattooing is one of the purest forms of art. Tattooing represents free will and unlimited artistic freedom in self-expression. Tattoo artists have devoted extreme artistic commitment to their art form, and out of respect, we aim to provide them with the very best ink to craft their art.

With decades of experience in the tattoo ink industry, Xtreme Inks is made up of professionals who not only understand the tattoo industry but live it. At the heart of Xtreme Tattoo Inks is our team of artists from around the world — the Xtreme Team. They work alongside our group of highly experienced designers to formulate colors that will always be consistent, lightfast, and safe.

Whether you’re a tattoo artist in search of high-quality ink, or a tattoo industry leader, all of us work in an industry that must be maintained by the highest standards. Proud to be on the front lines against unsafe products and processes, Xtreme Ink is dead serious about improving the tattoo industry. Whether you’re a tattoo artist, enthusiast, or industry leader, we can unite in promoting tattoo art as a safe and socially acceptable canvas for artistic self-expression and exploration.


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