Adjustable Hit Rotary Extreme Series


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Περιστροφικό μοτερακι με ρυθμιζόμενο χτυπημα στα 3 χιλιοστα με σωμα απο αεροπορικο αλουμινιο. Σε 3 χρωματα

The EXTREME rotary machine has a ultralight Metal performance,high quality coreless motor,used for both lining and shading. this machine features a powerful motor that guarantees reliable, quiet operation without any vibration. The machine has motor 9000 rpm. Three colors can be selected,including Grey blue and pink.

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Motor: Coreless motor;
Speed: 8v/9000rpm;
Suggest working voltage: 4-10V RCA;
Weight: 180g;

How to lube:
1.Rotate counter clockwise to remove the motor
2.Pay attention to the spring position.
3.Align the notch above,rotate clockwise until the mark goes to the upright position..
4.The motor casing is an aluminum alloy . Reduce weight. The front frame is zinc alloy. Stable support.


Dragon Hawk

Dragon Hawk

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