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Special θερμικό χαρτί για στενσιλ απο την Sirius

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Hectographic tracing paper for copying and reflecting tattoo stencils
Copying and printing patterns has never been so easy and clean. The universal hectographic tracing paper by Sirius Tattoo Equipment❗ will allow you to get the best possible results.

For classic use and thermal printers
Sirus carbon paper is perfect for printing on a thermal printer and for standard (manual) redrawing of the project. Thanks to the optimal amount of hectographic pigment, thermal printers have no problem with printing the most detailed patterns and the printed patterns are intense and durable after being reflected on the skin. Sheets are not drawn in and wrinkle.

Very durable
The pattern reflected on the skin remains visible long enough during the tattooing process. The use of professional agents for stencil reflection and fixation will extend the durability of the pattern even more.

The right amount of hectographic ink allows you to print one large, clear and durable stencil or several smaller ones. From a well-copied stencil on white transfer paper, you can make up to 6 prints on the skin! This will make your work much easier if you happen to print the stencil wrong the first time.

Stencils made of Sirius hectographic paper are exceptionally sharp and precise. Tracing paper retains the smallest details and does not smudge, it is not “greasy”.

Does not smudge, does not dirty
Sirius decals do not smudge or dirty like other decals available on the market, and at the same time the stencils reflected on the skin are intense and durable.

Safe for the skin.
Pack of 100 sheets.
A4 size
Hectographic layer size: 27.4 x 21 cm.
Each sheet contains 4 layers:
White transfer paper, a stencil reflected on it.
Brown protective paper, to be removed before use.
Hectographic ink sheet.
Yellow backing paper for easy copying by hand. When using thermal printers, tear off.

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