Ego Rotary Switch Tattoo Pen


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Ego Inbuilt on / off switch tattoo machine. Made for tattoo artists use like a real pen, easy control and release the foot that the artists focus on tattoo work This rotary tattoo machine need continuous mode power supply, tattooing without the foot pedal, the tattoo work controlled by the machine Switch. The Grip is safe to be sterilized in an autoclave or also suitable to be sprayed with cold sterilization products RCA Connection, 28mm diameter, 118MM Length from tip to tip, Anti-Roll design, Precision Japanese made motor. Worlds first On/Off switch inbuilt. This real Ego brand Switch tattoo machine made by our brand cooperate with Ego tattoo, provide a best value for the customers. Machine frame parts are made from solid rods of high grade aluminum, then polished and anodized, perfect machine for all kind of works.


Μόνο 1 απομένουν σε απόθεμα


Ego Switch rotary tattoo machine made and introduce by Bez from UK the world famous tattoo artists.
This machine compatible with all sizes cartridges and most brand cartridges on the market.
This machine made for pro tattoo artists
Worlds first On/Off switch inbuilt.
The first machine used like a real pen without the foot control.
The Ego Switch machine allows artists to work for hours on extensive tattoo procedures with little to no cramping, fatigue, or wrist pain. It is a cartridge machine that features a high-end proprietary medical grade motor, which is custom designed for flawless performance


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