Golecha GOLD – Black Henna Paste



Χεννα σε συσκευασια 25gr – δεν περιεχει PPD



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GOLECHA 25g Black Henna Tattoo Paste Cream Indian Mehandi Henna Cones For Finger/Body Paint

How to use:
1.Wash the parts of the body with soap, before use of the these cone
2.Do not use any cream or anything else  on the part of the body before use of Cones.
3.Before using, Just cut the tip of cone.
4.Now press the cone swiftly, slowly and uniformly to draw fine delicate designs of your choice.
5.Apply designs onto Skin and let it dry for 20-30 minutes. Once it is dry, the same will stay on the skin for 7 to 14 days .


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