Introducing the Eikon EMS400, the most advanced supply ever produced to power a tattoo machine. We’ve combined the feedback received from our valued customers with over 12 years of experience developing and testing power supply circuits and enclosure designs. The result is a power supply that is contemporary in design and function, capable of delivering the clean and stable output power that you have come to expect from Eikon power supplies.

The EMS400 uses a capacitance touch user interface to ensure quick and effortless button activations even through barrier controls and medical gloves. The lack of moving or protruding parts on the face of the unit make it much easier to cover and clean.

The vertical design also takes up much less room on your workspace while remaining firmly planted via the Gumshoe Sticky Foot on the base of the stand. The EMS400’s LCD always displays voltage and individually displays additional machine readings including Speed, Duty Cycle, FT and now Amps too.

We’ve also included the Cloak screen for when you don’t want to see any meter readings and a diagnostics screen for when you want to see all the meter readings at the same time, like during machine tuning. And finally, we’ve ensured that the EMS400 is capable of running both coil and electric rotary tattoo machines without having to change modes.