Tattoo Natural Creme 20gr


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Natural Tattoo Cream 20gr

After the tattoo is done and after 2 hours, remove the film that the tattooist has placed to leave it uncovered during the day, and wash the area thoroughly with water and liquid soap.

Apply TATTOO CREAM 6 or 7 times a day for a month.

DO NOT wash the tattoo with sponges, towels, etc. as they may contain microorganisms and bacteria.
DO NOT take the sun or UVA rays during the healing period (approximately 2 weeks).
DO NOT bathe in the sea or pools and do not go into saunas during this same period.
It is important that no other product is applied that is not recommended.

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It contains sweet almond oil, olive oil, lavender and rosemary that create a barrier of protection and humidification, thus minimizing the irritation and crusting risks that when detached could eliminate the cells that store the tattoo pigments. The oil of rosehip, and Vitamins A and E with its regenerative and reepithelializing effect would facilitate the natural healing processes of the skin improving the encapsulation of the pigments with which the colors of the tattoo stay alive for a longer time




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