Perfect White Eternal



– Vegan – without CMR substances

– Tested on heavy metals – without preservatives

– Gamma Ray sterilized

30ml bottle



Perfect White

Maybe our most perfect white. While some might regard Standard White to be too saturating and White Knight to be too thin Perfect White sits right in the middle. Make your white highlights pop with this tattoo ink white tone.


Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink is dedicated to supporting tattoo artists and their art. By creating the best, brightest, and longest lasting tattoo ink pigments in the industry, we provide artists with the tools they need to bring their artistic visions to life. Through collaborating with artists and utilizing decades of pigment knowledge, we are able to continually produce top quality pigments that elevate their artistry and inspire them to push the boundaries of their craft. We at Eternal Ink recognize that tattoo culture is a living entity that connects individuals and groups. We are committed to preserving and respecting the rich heritage and traditions of tattooing, while also embracing its evolution and contemporary expressions. Our mission is to contribute to the legacy of tattoo culture by supporting tattoo artists, ensuring product safety, and nurturing the vibrant tapestry of tattoo traditions. Eternal Ink is the trusted choice for tattoo artists worldwide, placing the utmost emphasis on safety and uncompromising quality. Our industry-leading manufacturing processes adhere to the strictest standards. With our state-of-the-art in-house facility, we take full control of every step, meticulously monitoring and controlling our mixing and bottling processes to guarantee unparalleled quality and color accuracy. This unwavering attention to product quality ensures that we consistently deliver the vibrant colors that have come to define our inks. When it comes to tattoo ink, Eternal Ink is the epitome of reliability, providing tattoo artists with the peace of mind they deserve and the means to create extraordinary art while maintaining their clients’ trust. The full history of Eternal Ink begins with Terry Welker. Often called ‘Tramp’, by his friends, Terry is a self-taught tattoo artist working in the traditional style. Terry began tattooing in 1976.Eternal Ink is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring the utmost safety of our tattoo ink. We have invested in a new, state-of-the-art facility in Brighton, Michigan. Our facility enables us to ensure precise ink preparation, mixing, pouring, bottling, and packaging.
Eternal Ink

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες


30ml/1oz, 60ml/2oz, 120ml/4oz, 240ml/8oz


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