Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine


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Weight: 6.17 oz
Stroke Length: 3.5mm
Maximum needle size: 50 mag
Maximum tube diameter: 8mm
Ergonomic design; feels virtually weightless
Available with clip cord connection
7.5 – 8.5 volts for color packing and shading; 8 – 9 volts for lining
The Extreme is a versatile rotary machine designed for a wide variety of work, such as color-packing, light black and gray shading, and heavy black filling. This lightweight, balanced machine is great for everyday use

In stock


Dragonhawk Extreme rotary tattoo machine could be used both shading and lining Weight: 6.17oz, Dimension:3.7in x 2.2in. Carbon steel, unibody Japan motor, durable. Slider system: fixing needle is more stable. Length of the stroke: 3.5 mm. Long-lasting stability. Low noise Operating voltage: 7-10 V DC. Lining voltage: 8-9V, Shading voltage: 7-8V


Dragon Hawk

Dragon Hawk
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