TattooMed® Sun Protection SPF25 100ml


Σε απόθεμα

Tattoo Color Protection Technology
UVA/ UVB broadband filter
protects against environmental influences
does not stick and grease
Instant color protection
Provitamin B5
Dermatologically confirmed
Vegan 100%, without animal ingredients

Σε απόθεμα


The specially designed sunscreen for tattooed skin during heavy sun exposure from day 21 of Care Days.

Before sunbathing (whether in the studio or outdoors), your clients should protect the skin with a cream with a suitable sun protection factor. For tattooed skin areas that are not covered by clothing, sun protection is worthwhile even in winter. With the TattooMed Sun Protection 25 cream, your customers can protect and pleasantly care for their tattooed skin when the sun is particularly strong or they are planning a day at the beach or outdoor pool. Thus, no dry veil of skin flakes over the colors and the skin feels caressingly soft and pleasant due to the rapid absorption, not sticky as with many other creams.

Recommendation for use:

TattooMed Sun Protection SPF25 should be applied to the skin before each sunbath and reapplied several times during prolonged sunbathing. In addition to TattooMed color protection technology, the product also has a sun protection factor of 50, which protects the skin from harmful sun rays with or without a tattoo.


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