TS Pro Curved Mag Soft-0.30 Safety Cartridges (Long Taper)


Comfort Safety Cartridges Soft Curved Magnums Long Taper 5.5mm
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Safety first!
The super soft integrated membrane is impermeable and will protect your tattoo machine against liquids and cross contamination.
These Cartridges can be powered by every machine on the market.
A cartridge with real feel.

Color coded
The color coded Tip Grips and caps of your cartridge allow you to find the one you are looking for with just one glance.

More Comfort
The integrated tip grip extends the true grip lenght and wich provides a better feel and enables you to hold your machine more comfortably and steady.
The soft Tip Grip is easy on the fingers and joint and minimizes vibrations of your machine even during longer tatto sessions.



TS PRO or TattooShop.pro Professional Tattoo Supply For over 12 years we have been providing a wide range of high quality tattoo and permanent make up supplies. We crave to support all artists with our own name brand, the equipment needed of the highest possible quality at the lowest cost. Every tattoo artist has his or her own preferences, which is why we offer machines with or without cables, classic coil machines and rotary machines. Just in case, we also offer suitable spare parts for some tattoo machine manufacturers. In addition to the hygienic and quality requirements for our tattoo needles, it is also important to find the right needle configuration for your preferred style. The tattoo needles that we offer you at TS-Pro® offer exactly these requirements. From classic, smooth needles to textured needles, needle modules or loose needles for soldering yourself, thanks to the different thicknesses and sizes, you are sure to find what you are looking for with us. We don't just want to only offer and deliver the appropriate range, but are also happy to be at your side to provide advice at any time. Service is important to us — whether personal or telephone advice, fast delivery and a large selection of payment options. We are your experienced and high-quality supplier for tattoo needs. Stop by!All the orders are dispatched within 24h, packed carefuly and shipped out thru express courier services.

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