Mast T1 Tattoo Wireless Battery



  • 【Compatible】This Mast wireless power box is compatible with all the tattoo pen machine.The interface of T1 is a standard RCA connection. Fits for all standard RCA connection rotary tattoo pen machines for liner and shader.
  • 【Material】Made of aluminium alloy frame and high quality insulating plastic Mini portable, light weight, Mast battery easy to carry so that you can do tattoo work outdoors.
  • 【Fuction】T1 can be charged for 2 hours, and work for 3-5 hours. The tattoo artists can get rid of the trouble of wiring the tattoo machine. Just plug in the battery, and use it. 5V-12V adjustable voltage, and 20%-100% power light indicator. The power protection function will reduce unnecessary power consumption and overload charging.



  • Mast T1 wireless tattoo battery is small and exquisite with only 53g weight ,Length: 50mm.This wireless power supply is perfect for any length of tattoo pen machine.Battery capacity: 1350mAh,normal enough to complete a tattoo works .


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