Spirit ReproFX Freehand Tattoo Stencil Paper


Ειδικό καρμπόν με ρυζόχαρτο για Stencil με μολύβι ή στυλό απο την Αμερικανική Spirit

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• High degree of control while hand drawing stencils
• No tools or printers needed to create a high quality stencil
• Quality dyes stay visible on skin
• Certified Vegan

Spirit® Freehand Tattoo Stencil papers are designed for those one of a kind pieces. We took the high visibility purple dye and suspended it in a truly unique was matrix. This wax blend is butter smooth and extremely responsive to pressure, which allows artists to introduce extreme detail to their stencils. And the ripstop stencil sheet stands up to the most aggressive tracing.

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1pc, 10pcs, 20pcs, 50pcs, Box100, Box200

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