TattooMed® Protection Film – 2.0 (15cm x 5m)


Σε απόθεμα

Immediately after the stitching, the film is applied by your tattoo artist to the tattooed skin and protects the wound from drying out, foreign bodies and creates a moist and climate. For larger tattoos, the film can be applied with a maximum of 1cm overlap – so the breathability is still guaranteed.

Σε απόθεμα


Cling film was yesterday – medical wound healing is today.

Modern wound healing has developed greatly in recent years and now offers you new possibilities for optimal wound care in Care Days 1-2. In this phase of wound healing, it is important to bring your skin back to an externally undamaged state as quickly as possible and to soothe it to give it the opportunity to heal itself and renew its cells.

Our Pro Series product TattooMed Protection Film offers you the optimal function to support your skin during this stressful and risky time for it. The protective film offered by the Protection Film reduces the risk of foreign bodies and bacteria entering the wound. In addition, the optimal, moist wound climate creates an environment conducive to regeneration, which gives the wound healing the best possible opportunities. So you have a safe feeling in the first days.

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