Panthera Witch Hazel (150ml)


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Natural astringent
Soothes and calms the skin, relieves irritations
Purifies, tones the skin and shrinks pores
Not tested on animals
Volume: 150 ml

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Panthera Hamamelis Distillate Witch Hazel is an alcohol-free product designed to soothe the skin after tattooing and to promote healing of fresh tattoos. Panthera Witch Hazel is obtained using an ancestral formula that preserves all the properties of the plant without the presence of alcohol. This allows you to get the maximum action of the astringent, calming and conditioning properties of witch hazel on the skin. On contact, it will make the skin contract while calming and reducing redness and discomfort. Witch Hazel has to be diluted with water and can also be used throughout the tattooing process.



The reality of PANTHERA INK was born in 2000 from the passion for the tattoo world, for the research and development of products for tattoo artists who demand quality and safety. We are a company that produces colors and products for tattoos of all-Italian quality. Over the years, our company has believed in its own ideas and potential and has embarked on a path of development in different areas, succeeding in increasing its product portfolio in a short time. We have succeeded in this with the continued support of tattoo artists, who have guided us over the years, and continue to do so, on what was best for them and how to make it happen. We believe this is essential to create a successful product. Before being producers we were tattooists for about 25 years, and this led us to learn about the world of tattooing and its problems, managing to develop products that facilitate the work of the artist. Our philosophy of life over the years has always been to put safety and health of the end customer first, which is why our products have been synonymous with quality and safety for years. Our qualitative system includes a series of analyzes on raw materials and on individual production batches in order to exclude any health risk. We carefully select the raw materials with the highest degree of purity. The pigments used are subjected to scrupulous and crossed analyzes, in order to obtain a product that complies with current European and international standards. We are very attentive to the health of the end user. We personally select and process the pigments and thanks to our meticulous processing method we are able to obtain the best products on the market today, appreciated by the greatest tattoo artists. PANTHERA INK colors are absolutely free from carcinogenic compounds and the color undergoes a sterilization treatment in the final phase which makes it free from bacteria. We have also formulated a series of complementary products in the years now indispensable for the modern tattoo artist, also thanks to our experience gained by being in contact with the greatest tattoo artists. Our mission is to continue to produce products that facilitate the life of the tattoo artist and offer security to the end customer. We pursue this goal with motivation, enthusiasm and a strong sense of responsibility, towards understanding the real needs of our partners. Those who choose PANTHERA INK products choose SAFETY and QUALITY.
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