World Famous Limitless LIGHT BLUE 2

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World Famous Ink are committed to being at the forefront in terms of compliancy with regulations across the globe. As a global manufacturer, the new EU REACH regulations for World Famous Ink was an opportunity to create a new ink line that exceeds regulatory standards to have an updated world market compliant product.

Limitless Obsidian Outlining from Limitless is an ink from the new EU REACH compliant range from World Famous Ink.

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World Famous Limitless




World Famous Limitless

World Famous Limitless with new REACH regulations going into effect early 2022, we set out to create a new line of compliant products under the same rigorous high-quality standards you expect from World Famous. We're excited to introduce World Famous Limitless,a full color array of premium pigments. As a leading global ink manufacturer, we set out to be the first to respond to any problems that might emerge regarding the new EU regulations. We're committed to supporting our European artists, so we put forth our full effort into designing a world market compliant product that exceeds regulatory standards. Our products are confronted daily with rigorous testing. We cover everything, including performance testing and critical details, such as the presence of micro and heavy metals.

World Famous Limitless

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44ml, 180ml

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